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Death -  a gift for Neil Gaiman.

I actually didn’t have tickets for the Seattle signing for Ocean at the End of the Lane and it sold out pretty quickly, so I had initially reached out to Neil about a month prior to the event to see if it would be okay to have someone I knew who was going give him the Calendar of Tales piece I’d done for December that he’d shortlisted ([link]. He did one better and told me to reach out to his assistant, Cat Mihos, to see if I could get guest listed, but it might be a long shot because he had about 20 people already comped from a Clarion course he was teaching.

On the morning of the signing, I received an email from Cat saying that she was able to get me on the guest list for the event. While I had planned on giving him the ACOT piece, I felt it was inadequate on its own and wasted no time in drawing this headshot of Death to give him later that evening as well. This text is already longer than I would care for it to be, but after hours of waiting for my turn, I was finally able to (haltingly) speak to the man and give him both pieces. Long story short folks, Neil Gaiman is a class act and one hell of a guy and I walked away feeling incredibly validated in my life’s path.

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